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Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour with Comedy & Cocktails ™ is far more than an evening at the bar. We position live jazz as a backdrop to set the tone for an unforgettable evening filled with merriment, martinis, cosmopolitans, and a few of your favorite cocktails.

Business Networking

Whether you're celebrating with your colleagues and friends or fishing for new business, Comedy & Cocktails ™ is essentially the only social lubricant you'll ever need. We provide the atmosphere and corporate settings to help you and your guest(s) feel comfortable and our mouthwatering mocktail menu will help you keep your "cool" without looking like a lush while you discuss your business after hours.

Martinis Anyone?!

If you enjoy cocktail hour during Comedy & Cocktails ™, be sure to join us for Martini Mondays. Forget the conference calls, sometimes you have to "shake things up" and talking business after hours sounds way sweeter over a martini or two. With that being said, how can we prepare a martini for you?